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OXdreams is a social media app where you can discover the world, connect with people and live amazing experiences

New experiences to live at every minute

Discover a place full of surprises and possibilities


Sell experiences doing something you love and earn money at the same time

Reach and interact with more people

Expand your network and create new possibilities with your followers


Live the most unforgettable experiences that you'll want to tell everyone about

Partner up
with other people

Connect with other people and boost your profiles and experiences

a follower base

Build a followers base who will support you and help you grow

Why Our App?

Experiences created by real people, with real passions

OXdreams allows people to interact with eachother, to host and live new exciting experiences. Is there anything you have always wanted to try but were too afraid of? You will always find something new and exciting, something that feels just right for you.


Experiences created by people who have a lot to offer, for people who have a lot to live.

Frequently Ask Question

Discover new experiences beyond your expectations

How can I make money doing what I love?

Take something you are passionate about and host your own experiences through OXdreams. Sell your experiences and set your own prices. Build a strong followers base, who will support you and help you sell even more.

Provide the best experiences while making money doing what you love.

What new experiences can I find?

Explore a universe full of experiences that are waiting for you. Follow people with interesting posts and profiles and with the most trendy experiences. Buy experiences for yourself and for your loved ones quickly and safely.

Live unforgettable moments that you will want to keep forever.

How can I get started?

Enter the app store on your phone, download the OXdreams app for free and install it. In the app, you can create your profile according to your preferences. Show proudly who you are!

In the news feed you can discover the most interesting experiences, ready for you to live them.

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